Our company offers Portable X-Ray Services 7 days a week. Continuous response eliminates patients’ stress associated with travel to outside health facilities. We understand that fast respond time can be vital in emergency situations, where saving time is critical.

Our company  utilizes the latest state of the art high frequency portable fully digital X-ray units; this digital technology provides a high resolution image. This service is provided using wireless (DR) plates for a more comfortable examination eliminating repeats since images are reviewed by the technician at the patient’s bedside and transmitted for interpretation immediately.

To order Mobile X-ray services please fax patient’s Face sheet and Prescription to 323-653-6220

The types of x-rays we provide are skeletal views involving:

  • arms
  • legs
  • pelvis
  • vertebral column
  • skull
  • chest
  • abdomen

without the use of contrast media.

Images can be viewed online or provided on CD-ROM for referring physician review. To request images click here